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Why work with a startup studio

Why work with Startup Bakery

We are a startup studio made up of successful ex-founders. We are looking for motivated professionals who want to become co-founders of new startups and we offer them a validated business idea, an operating model, a team of experts committed to the project and access to capital and investors.

Our model is designed to create a protected environment in which to do business. Our approach is different from incubators and accelerators: we do not limit ourselves to supporting already formed startups.

We are a partner in the project and we build it together!

What is the path of a co-founder?

How Startup Bakery accompanies you to success.

Candidatura e selezione

Application and selection

If you have determination, professionalism and desire to get involved, send us your application! We have various initiatives in our pipeline and your profile may be what we're looking for.

Startup build

Let's build the foundation together

Starting from an already validated business idea, we will build a startup together from the foundations up. In this adventure you will not start from scratch: you will already find an operating model and you will be supported by a team of experts and by the founders of Startup Bakery.

Scale up

Build up, scale up

Our goal is to build successful businesses starting from a minimum viable product and arriving, through various iterations and creating a dedicated team, to form a new company, completely developed in all its functions.


Let’s prepare the exit

Once the startup is steadily on track for success, Startup Bakery will gradually leave room for new investors and partners. The co-founder will obviously play a crucial role in the exit and in continuing to manage the company in its new corporate structure.

Services for innovative startups

Helping our startups succeed

We have created a range of services that allow our co-founders and startup teams to focus on their core business and software development, knowing they can count on tangible and measurable support along all project phases.


Discover Startup Bakery

Come funziona uno startup studio

What is a startup studio

A startup studio is a “generator of startups”, a company which builds new enterprises in series and aims at significantly reducing the risk of failure while enhancing the quality of the new startups.

Startup studio process

Our business recipe

The creation of a new enterprise requires the right amount of creativity and method. In Startup Bakery we have created our own “business recipe”, a business model with a precise flow of activities and an extensive range of services.

Startup studio team

About us

We are founders, investors and serial entrepreneurs, we are passionate about open innovation, fanatic about lean startup, experts in cloud technology, user experience and digital marketing.

We build innovative startups.

Startup Bakery, the Italian startup studio specializing in building B2B SaaS companies, leveraging Artificial Intelligence.